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ePortfolios: a portal site
The ePortfolio Portal serves as a resource to assist you in gaining knowledge around the concepts of eportfolios.

What is an eportfolio?
 In this section, you'll be introduced to the concept of an eportfolio, the brief history of the electronic portfolio building upon a much longer heritage of portfolios in general, and other information framing the eportfolio concept.

What does it do?
Beginning with the benefits of an eportfolio, you'll learn what gives it meaningful use and the several types of eportfolios. Standards and expectations for eportfolios as assessment tools are emerging, and you will look at preparing an eportfolio and a generic rubric. Administrators should also consider the full range of implementation issues.

Where can I look?
There are many great resources for you to use and visit to get a feel for eportfolios. In the resource section you will find some information on products, tools, and software demonstrations, and great sites to visit to expand your understanding of eportfolios. There is also a brief introduction to an emerging expertise in the field of eportfolios.

What can I do?
The activities section includes two quick games to test your knowledge of eportfolios. Be sure also to take on the major case study.

The eportfolio portal provides an interactive glossary, allowing all visitors to contribute to the defining of key terms in the field.

The ePortfolio Team
For more information about the eportfolio team, visit our biographical notes, and be sure to select our picks for the writings, software, and other resources that influence our thinking about eportfolios. You can contact us from the footer of any screen.

How can I participate?
You are welcome to add notes throughout the ePortfolios Portal and contribute to the growing dialogue between eportfolio builders, implementers, and users. Please report any abuses to the ePortfolio Team.


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