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Benefits of an ePortfolio

According to Dr. Helen C. Barrett at UAA, a national expert on eportfolios, "electronic portfolios are much more than innovative resumes or scrapbooks". According to Barrett, eportfolios show "reflection, evolution of thought, and professional development".
(Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology, 2002)

We've reached a critical mass. As we reach electronic saturation, new norms of work are emerging. Arising out of this critical mass is a vision of how educational institutions can benefit, which is with the eportfolio.

We seem to be beginning a new wave of technology development in education. There is a push to free student work from paper and to make it
  • organized,
  • searchable, and
  • transportable

This opens enormous possibilities for re-thinking whole curricula and allows for
  • the evaluation of faculty,
  • assessment of programs,
  • certification of student work, and
  • how accreditation works
  • (Batson, 2002)

The following outlines the benefits for eportfolio user groups.

  • increased learning effectiveness
  • model professionalism
  • enhance information technology skills
  • gain academic credit for learning beyond the classroom
  • reflections on artifacts as well as how they match goals and standards
  • help students make connections among their formal and informal learning experiences
  • prompt learners to articulate their learning goals from different perspectives
  • allow individuals to display learning in ways overlooked or undervalued by other assessment means

  • leverage student motivation
  • align objectives and evaluation strategies
  • allow for more fruitful advising
  • enable the efficient management of student deliverables in distance courses
  • enhance relationships among eportfolio creators and mentors

  • respond to calls for greater accountability and outcomes-based accreditation
  • transportability of credits
  • increase transparency for evaluation and benchmarking

For more information visit these resources

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